i.MX287-based SODIMM style Linux SOM

Evodbg announced new Linux-ready EV-iMX287-SODIMM SODIMM format module. The module is based on the i.MX287 processor of i.MX28 family of the Freescale company. It contains the processor of ARM9 architecture with the maximum frequency of 454 MHz, 128 MByte DDR2 memory, a chip of PHY Ethernet 10/100 Mbit.

e-MMC based module

NAND Flash based module





i.MX287 structure

  • 454MHz ARM926EJ-S core with 16KB/32KB Cache
  • PMU with high efficiency on-chip DC/DC, supports Li-Ion batteries
  • 10/100 Dual IEEE® 1588 Ethernet with RMII support and L2 Switch
  • Dual CAN interfaces
  • LCD Controller with Touchscreen
  • NAND support – SLC/MLC and eMMC 4.4 managed
  • Hardware BCH (up to 20-bit correction)
  • 200 MHz 16-bit DDR2, LV-DDR2, mDDR external memory support
  • Dual High speed USB with embedded PHY
  • 8 General purpose 12-bit ADC channels and single 2 Msps ADC channel
  • Temperature sensor for thermal protection
  • Multiple connectivity ports (UARTs, SSP, SDIO, SPI, I2C, I2S)
  • 3.3V I/O, 10 year lifetime (Industrial)
  • Package and Temperature
    • 289 BGA 14x14mm .8mm
    • -40C to +85C (Industrial)
  • This product is included in Freescale’s product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 15 years after launch

EV-iMX287-SODIMM SOM Structure

The second chip of PHY Etnernet can be attached on an external baseboard, connected via  RMII interface. Distinctive feature of this SOM is possibility of installation a e-MMC chip memory with a maximum capacity up to 16 Gbytes. It allows to use ready file systems, such as Debian directly in memory of the module. For applications not demanding large volume of memory the SLC NAND Flash installation with a capacity up to 512 Mb is provided. All signals and processor interfaces, such as UART, I2C, CAN, GPMI, RMII, SSP, LCD, ADC connected to 200-pin SODIMM connector. Working temperature range of the module  -40... + 85C.

For Quick Start  Evodbg provide a EV-iMX287-SODIMM-MB baseboard with SODIMM socket and other connectors and components installed:

  • 5V Power Connector (5.5/2.1 mm)
  • 2 USB-A Connectors
  • 2 Ethernet RJ-45 connectors
  • 2 CAN connectors
  • 2 RS-485 connectors
  • One DUART (RS-232) for console and debug
  • Standart 20-pin JTAG connector
  • 2 UEXT connectors
  • DIP switch for source boot select
  • PLD40 for TFT displays connect
  • SODIMM 1V8 for EV-iMX287-SODIMM module
  • Dimension 100*100 mm
  • 4 layers
For building of u-boot, a Linux kernel and rootfs  the adjusted virtual computer with the Ubuntu operating system is provided.The following components are installed in the virtual machine:
  • u-boot-2013.4
  • linux-3.9.11
  • buildroot-2013.11
  • Openwrt
  • ltib (about Linux a kernel 2.6.35 and u-boot 2009)
The EV-iMX287-SODIMM SOM are sampling now. The 4GByte e-MMC version is priced at $49 in retail, or as low as $21.50 in 1,000 pcs volumes.

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